Post-it Note Pile Up: What is ‘English’?

Great Ways to Use Post-its

Welcome to our English class! I’m excited to learn alongside you this semester. I’d also like to know before we get going what you think about when you hear the word ‘English’, when you see it on your timetable, or when your friends or family ask you, “What do you have this semester?”, and you say, “this, that and ‘English'”. I know that I’m not teaching you how to speak English but, beyond that, I don’t know what your perception is of the course before we begin. During this ‘Post-it Note Pile-Up’ exercise I would like you (individually), and then together as a table group, to brainstorm your thoughts of what you believe ‘English’ to be and then, as a class, chunk them into categories that represent the theme of each note. Once you have identified the main themes of what you believe ‘English’ to be we’ll have a discussion about how we can create our experience together. Remember, this is our class, not mine. You will design our journey as much as I do and I look forward to being your partner in the process.


A Community of Learners

The True Strength in OUR Classroom Lies in the Collaboration of Learners, Not in the Knowledge of One Expert.

Hi, everyone! A little something to always keep in mind as we learn together this semester. Always remember that we are a community of learners. We all have different ideas, strenghts, and interests. Everyone has something to share and our journey isn’t about me the teacher passing on knowledge to you the learner. Our journey is about us learning together, explroiinmg, discovering, trying new things, and growing in the process. You have as much to teach me as I do you. Always remembver that you are an integral part of the process and you have a voice that is worth sharing. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you all!