Setting the Stage – Romeo and Juliet to Act IV – Which Film?

Starting next week you will be presenting scenes from Acts IV and V of Romeo and Juliet in your groups. To set the stage for those performances we will watch up until the end of Act III tomorrow. Which film we watch is up to you. Which one are you liking the best so far? Select your choice below.

Planning Your Blocking for Romeo and Juliet

You’ve heard me mention the term ‘Blocking’, and we talked a bit about it in class, but I wanted to be sure that you were considering this all important aspect of stage production while you are writing your scripts for our Play in a Day performance of Romeo and Juliet. Ultimately, ‘Blocking’ refers to the consideration of where actors are on stage in relation to each other and what they are doing while speaking. This should help you:

Romeo and Juliet Blocking


Borrowed from the Classical Theatre Project Romeo and Juliet Student Handout: