Catching Up on the Bloggers of the Week

Hi, Everyone!

I wanted to post links to some Bloggers of the Week you may have missed commenting to. Get the conversation going, continue it, or revive it altogether. Remember to improve the conversation as best you can.

Visit their posts and leave feedback for them. Engage deeply in the conversation. Don’t just respond with simple phrases such as, “Good Job!”, “I agree”, “Nicely done!” but ask questions, engage in the material, do some extra research, link to other material you have found on other sites, etc. Think critically about the topic. Maybe the topic will inspire you to write a follow-up on your own personal blog. If so, then provide a link back to your blog in the comment area. Always aim to improve the conversation in response to both the author and other commenters. Check back often throughout the week. You may have a reply that you wouldn’t want to leave unanswered. How often should you post? As often as you feel necessary. You’ll know when the conversation has come to an end and there is nothing else to say.

Let the conversations continue!

 The Armenian Genocide
Is School Stressing You Out?
Male Infertility versus Female Infertility
In a New World (Aboriginal Residential Schools)
Space Colonization – Mars & Venus
The Importance of Sleep for Teens
The Ekati Diamond Mine
Is Organic Farming Really Better?
Freedom? To an Extent…
Concussions in Contact Sports
What is a Search Engine?
Sweatshops and Modern Day Slavery
Global Warming

PLUS, your Bloggers of the Week from March 9th – March 15th:

 Why You Should Read
Robots or Kids?
The Postive Impacts of Technology on Healthcare

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