ENG2D, ENG3U, and OLC Instructions for the Next Two Days

Hi all,

I am taking a course for the next two days called ‘Adaptive Schools’. I won’t see you again until Friday. In the meantime, I have left your instructions on the blackboard in front of the class and with information for the covering teacher (see image below). Here is an image of the blackboard so that you can  see what you will be doing over the next couple of days.

Grade 10s: you will be working on your scripts for your assigned act for our ‘Play in a Day’, which is scheduled for May 1st. I have added script information to each of your Google Docs that I would like you to follow during your writing process. The next two days are the only class time you will have for this so please use it wisely – I think you will (for the most part) complete this. If you finish by Thursday and still have some time, I have posted your music video comparisons for act two and three that you could begin to work on.

FORMAT YOUR DIALOGUE LIKE THIS: http://www.playwriting101.com/chapter12

SETTING: http://www.playwriting101.com/chapter10

FORMATTING CHARACTER NAMES: http://www.playwriting101.com/chapter11

NOTE: Swearing in your script is absolutely prohibited!

Grade 11s: read Act III on your own, or with a partner, and complete your study guide as you go. This should be your focus for Wednesday’s class. On Thursday, I would like you to visit the first scene of Act IV, this is where Macbeth revisits the witches, and then you can have the rest of the period to work on your Act II and Act III study guide questions. Should you finish these, you could also work on your journal entries. Please hand in your study guide responses by the end of Thursday’s class. We will do Act IV and V through a film study on Friday.

OLCs: Continue with your course work in The Hub and email me if you have any difficulties or have any questions that your covering teacher is unable to answer.

See you all on Friday! 

Personal Essay Activity – Day 2

Personal Essay Jigsaw Activity Day Two ­ Student Discussion

Part A: Group together with two (2) other students that read the same article as you. I will assign the teams. Brainstorm and discuss your answers to the questions provided. Become experts! (Group example: 1­-1-­1, 2-­2-­2-­2, 3-­3-­3, etc.).

Part B: Groups will switch up so that groups are now comprised of representatives of all three stories. (Group example: 1­-2-­3, 1-­2-­3, 1-­2-­3, etc.) I will assign the groups. Each member will teach their new team about their story.

HOMEWORK: read the other two stories from the activity and refer to your group notes.

R&J – Getting Started

*Collect these handouts in class.

Begin Romeo and Juliet Unit

  • Introduction: Why do we still study Shakespeare brainstorming
  • Activity: What do you know about Shakespeare / Romeo & Juliet – What do you want to know.
    • For this activity we will use the online software called Padlet (an online collaboration board). Scan the QR Code or type the URL directly to contribute your thoughts, images, or video.
  • Activity: Introduction to Shakespeare Webquest
    • Work with a partner and fill in the blanks using the power of the Interwebs

Click HERE to download the handouts