Group News Report Revision

  • Work together in like groups based on the newspaper article topic you wrote for Romeo and Juliet
  • Brainstorm their topics together – determining the who, what, when, where, why, and how with specific examples and quotations from the play. Remember: Some creativity is good but facts and quotations must come from the play.
  • Chart paper at the front of the room near the window for them – markers in the pink bins
  • Reminder: Revised news reports are due Wednesday
  • Research presentations to be held Wednesday

Personal Essay Activity – Day 2

Personal Essay Jigsaw Activity Day Two ­ Student Discussion

Part A: Group together with two (2) other students that read the same article as you. I will assign the teams. Brainstorm and discuss your answers to the questions provided. Become experts! (Group example: 1­-1-­1, 2-­2-­2-­2, 3-­3-­3, etc.).

Part B: Groups will switch up so that groups are now comprised of representatives of all three stories. (Group example: 1­-2-­3, 1-­2-­3, 1-­2-­3, etc.) I will assign the groups. Each member will teach their new team about their story.

HOMEWORK: read the other two stories from the activity and refer to your group notes.

R&J Review (Act 1, Scenes 1-2), Scene 3, and Journaling

  1. Work in your table pairs and review Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scenes 1-2 with the attached questions. (Should only take half the period) These are to be submitted for reading comprehension evaluation.
  2. Then: Read Act 1, Sc. 3 in a group of 4 – asking questions amongst yourselves throughout (sticky notes in the pink bins may help you with this)
  3. Journal Entry / Blog Prompt: Write a journal entry from the perspective of either Romeo or Juliet from this point in the play (this is to be posted to your blog)

Download (PDF, 243KB)

Assessing Blog Posts

As a continuation of Thursday, we’ll be looking at a number of blog posts that students have written me over the past number of years. Your task is to read the posts and assess them using the blog rubric I provided you and that you will be assessed with. Read the posts, assess each category using the rubric, assign it an overall grade, then give the writer suggestions for improvement and to ‘Bump it Up’ next time. Post to the Google Form by scanning the QR code at the top right corner of the posts provided.

I will then let you know how I would assess the posts so you understand exactly what I am looking for.

This will form the basis of an activity in the next couple of weeks where you will help create the success criteria for blogging so that you, and the rest of the class, can be as successful as possible in this endeavour.

As we had an assembly Thursday, and we could not complete the blog assessment activity in class, I have extended the due date for your blog post to the end of the day on Wednesday.