Various Media Creations to Explore

There seems to be some confusion about what a creative media product for English is. Writing is, indeed, one form of media and text often accompanies image and video (depending on the media text itself). It is important to explore and create various forms of media. Think outside of the box. It’s not all about writing. You’ve created many of these in the past and here is a sample of items you could choose to create as part of your culminating task:

  • Create a brochure to advertise travel to the location of your Literature Circle novel
  • Create an advertisement to show the true impact of a product or service
  • Choose a narrative you have read in class. Create a board game based on the narrative’s theme, plot, and characters.
  • Use a software program such as Story Book Weaver to create a picture book based on a narrative you have read as a class.
  • Create a pamphlet for new students, in which you describe your school.
  • Create a T-shirt that a particular character in a narrative might wear. Explain the ways in which the T-shirt complements the character’s personality or connects with the character’s story.
  • Create a CD cover to highlight a character from a play or novel
  • Create a popup book as a summary  of a narrative you have read in class.
  • Who would you cast If you were to create a movie for your Literature Circle book? Be specific and explain.

Software to explore: Glogster (See me for my educator code – self-register at Embed your poster on your blog. Other great webtools to explore: Voicethread (access through The Hub), Zooburst, Thinglink, PicMonkey, Powtoon, Google Slides, etc.

Scrapbook (this is an assignment I found online – you’d need to doctor it up a bit)

Select any one character from any of the works we have looked at in class or that you’ve discovered on your own.

– As that character, you will create a 12-16 page scrapbook that looks back on the events

– The scrapbook may include photos, artwork, symbols, written fragments etc, but it must of your own personal adventure.

– clearly retell all the major events in the order in which they occurred.

Here are some other forms to explore:

1. Radio interview

2. TV commercial

3. Dramatic skit (recorded)

4. Ad campaign

5. Front page of a newspaper

6. Editorial cartoon

7. Pitch for a video game

8. Movie trailer

9. Sculpture

All of these creative project ideas are appropriate and suitable for this assignment.

Physical products are always acceptable if that’s what you prefer. Take pictures and upload to your blog or just submit the physical product itself as a companion piece.

ENG2D Culminating Task

Hi Everyone!

You will have the week of June 8 – 12 to work on and finalize these pieces. Bring your laptops to class if you wish (unfortunately there is no more lab time). I have some iPads for you to use as well. You may also choose to create some of your blog posts by hand (collage, poster, diorama, etc.) and that’s great, too. You can always take a picture of it, add it to your blog, and write your paragraph to accompany it. Refer to the assignment sheet as I have revised it. I heard you, and it is now your choice for how to present your learning reflection (an infographic might be cool – – marrying text with image). Think outside of the box.

The end is (h)near! Time for the culminating task for the course. Now, you have been working on this culminating task for the entire semester (if you’ve been keeping up with your work that is) – it is the portfolio of your learning this semester. All items were previously assigned – only the reflections are new. Your job now is to refine and polish it for final; publication (evaluation). This assignment contains multiple parts and includes:


  • Opinion essay redux (re-craft into proper 5 paragraph essay format)
  • Act 1 Romeo and Juliet Film Analysis
  • Balcony Scene Romeo and Juliet Multimedia Analysis
  • 5 pieces of original unsolicited content*
  • Blogger of the Week Reflection
  • Overall Portfolio Reflection (Be creative with this one – your choice)

*At least one original blog post item should be a podcast, video blog, or other form of creative offering (uploaded here to your blog – videos will need to be uploaded to YouTube – and embedded on your blog) Grab the embed code from all media created online and include on your blog by pasting under the ‘Text’ tab of your editor window. Visit Cool Tools for Schools for a plethora of online creative applications:

Here are all of the particulars and the evaluation rubric (Revised Feb. 6th, 2015 – by popular demand,  it is your choice for how you would like to present the learning reflection post – but be creative):

Download (PDF, 324KB)

Download (PDF, 153KB)

Life of Pi: Culminating Task (The Lost Chapter)

Your culminating task for the Life of Pi unit, and the course itself, is to write a lost chapter for the novel. Is there a spot in the novel that you felt needed more explanation or development? Can you imagine a sub-adventure for Pi while he is out floating on the ocean with his unlikely colleague, Richard Parker? Is there an island, event, natural phenomenon, or individual (s) Pi may have encountered that Yann Martel left out of his story?

Your Task

  1. Write a lost chapter for the novel (information below in the assignment handout: 3-4 pages in length)
  2. Record an oral reading of your chapter with appropriate sound effects and authentic emotion / intonation
  3. Write a script and conduct an interview with Yann Martel where you talk with him about the upcoming release of the Life of Pi: Deluxe Edition that will include a lost chapter (the one you wrote). In this interview, you will ask Yann Martel why he excluded this chapter in the original release, why he is releasing it now, and what readers can expect from this addition without giving it away. (Ultimately, this is your reflection as to why you wrote this chapter, what your inspiration was, and what you believe it adds to the story – the only twist is that you are offering it up as Yann Martel) Your script should follow this formatL – read it – it’s an interview with Yann Martel. It will help you with the way he talks and what he may say / include in his interview with you.

Lost Chapter (Written): 50 Marks
Oral Performance (Podcast): 40 Marks
Interview (Podcast or Video): 40 Marks
TOTAL: 130 Marks

*NOTE: You DO NOT have two options for this assignment as listed on the handout below. You must complete all elements as outlined above!

All elements are to be uploaded to your blog as one post.

Download (PDF, 76KB)

Download (PDF, 94KB)