Getting Ready for the OSSLT

On Thursday, March 26th, you will be writing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. We have been working on writing opinion pieces as well as writing effective leads and over the next few days we will continue to work on effective paragraph structure and your use of connecting / transition words. One of the tasks on the OSSLT is writing a series of paragraphs expressing an opinion on an issue. In the coming weeks we will be working on news reports and reading graphic texts (maps, bus schedules, graphs) as well as reading stories and articles for comprehension and meaning. Take some time to look through this document from EQAO, the company that administers the test, “Be Informed. Be Ready. Getting Ready Guide for Grade 10 Students.”

Check out the Sample Tests for past years as well to help you study. Be prepared!

Download (PDF, 392KB)

Download (PDF, 650KB)