ENG3U Life of Pi Schedule to the End of the Year

Richard Parker

Richard Parker

REVISED: May 29th, 2015

Life of Pi Schedule (to end of year)
Read CAREFULLY! This schedule includes all due dates for assignments, dates of upcoming tests, and information / due date for your end of year culminating task (more information to come on this one)

Below is a reading schedule designed to keep you on track with your reading and to ensure that we are “on the same page”. This will serve us well for class activities and discussions. Don’t fall behind as the relevance of in-class work will be lost if you haven’t reached the point of conversation.

May 21: Chapter 8 (pg. 31) – Chapter 15 (pg. 51)
*Chapter 8 is a key chapter to set the stage for the animals (and their traits) that will accompany Pi on his journey

May 22: AUDIO BOOK: Chapter 16 (pg. 51) – Chapter 24 (pg. 77)
Hand-in Questions for Chapters 1-5 by end of period Friday

Weekend Homework -> pp 77-103 (To the end of Part 1)

May 25: Finish Part 1 (to pg. 103) – Hand in Questions for Chapters 1-5 (Read pp. 107-130 – Chapter 44)


May 26: Part 1 Review Game (read pp. 130-152 – Chapter 50)

Review / Focus Questions for Part I
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Chapter 14

By the end of this chapter, you are exposed to much information about animal behaviour. After reading, record your thoughts…
a) What surprised you the most?
b) Why does Pi spend so much time recording animal behaviour? Link to human behaviour?

Chapters 17-28
Chronicle Pi’s experiences with different religions…
a) What strikes you the most about Pi’s thoughts about religion?
b) Do you see common basic beliefs in the presented religions?
c) Do humans need religion? Are we better with or without it? (personal opinion and reflection)

May 27:LIBRARY: Webquest (“Looking into the Life of Pi”) Read 152-176 (Chapter 55)
May 28:Part 1 Test – read pp. 176-220 (Hand in questions for Chapters 6-11)
May 29: NOTE: Symbolism, Themes, and Allegory. AUDIO BOOK: Read pp. 220 – 245 (Chapter 80)

Weekend Homework

May 30: Read pp. 245-267 (Chapter 90)
May 31: Reading Schedule: pp 267-298, to the part where Pi says that Richard Parker, “…killed beyond his need.”

June 1: Assign Culminating Task – Read pp. 298-318 – End of Part II
June 2: Finish Life of Pi: AUDIO BOOK: pp. 321-354 + Discussion (Book Complete)
June 3: LIBRARY: Computer Lab (Work on Your Culminating Task)
June 4: Note + Theme / Symbolism Inquiry
June 5: Symbolism Inquiry

June 8: Final discussion – note on allegory, symbolism and theme completed
June 9: Life of Pi Final Test (hand-in Questions for Parts II and III) – Based on Symbolism Activity
June 10: Watch Life of Pi (Optional)
June 11: Watch Life of Pi (Optional)
June 12: Interview with Yann Martel – Finish Life of Pi – Work on Culminating Task

June 15: Work on Culminating Task
June 16: Work on Culminating Task
June 17: Culminating Task Due at end of period (or, if digital, by 11:59PM)
June 18: No Class
June 19: Exam (9:00 am in Room 229)

Summer Time! WooHoo!

Summer Time! WooHoo!