Character Analysis Essay Assignment

Here is your Character Analysis Essay Assignment for your Literature Circle Novel Study. The assignment refers specifically to To Kill a Mockingbird but don’t be thrown off by that. Replace the character names with those from your particular novel and you’re good to go. We analyzed the sample essay included in class and I will post our notes from today’s discussion.

Which character are you going to explore?

Examples of Character Traits

Character Trait Descriptive Adjectives

Want to explore something a bit deeper? You may choose to write a thematic or conflict analysis instead.

A strong conflict analysis will:

  • identify the conflict, noting where the conflict is first seen in the text
  • describe how the conflict evolves, noting those places where it develops during the novel
  • explain how and why the conflict is resolved

A strong thematic analysis will:

  • identify the topic (beauty, love, illusion, peace, friendship, reality, idealism, for example) and where it
  • first presents itself in the text
  • describe how the topic evolves over the course of the novel into a theme, noting those places where the
  • topic is most clearly seen
  • explain how the topic has changed over the course of the novel, offering what final thematic statement is
  • made about the topic by the novel’s end.

A strong character analysis will:

  • identify the type of character it is dealing with.
  • describe the character
  • discuss the conflict in the story, particularly in regards to the character’s place in it.

DUE June 8th!

2-pages double-spaced – 12 pt font max
750-ish words (BUT do not count words – make your essay long enough but no longer)

3 Solid pieces of proof per body paragraph are required!
Remember to explain each one in detail within the context of your paragraph and in support of your thesis.

NOTE: you will submit this assignment to – details to follow.

Download (PDF, 244KB)

Giving credit where credit is due! Thanks to Ms. Gallagher for her awesome contributions and for sharing this great work. Check out her page HERE.