Here Comes an Equivocator…

Macbeth Journal Entry #4

Re-watch the film and stage performances of the Porter’s monologue in Act II, Scene iii of Macbeth. Compare and contrast  with the lines of the play. Which version of the Porter do you feel best represents the atmosphere and mood of the play? Why? Post to your blog.

Things to focus on (as we discussed today in class):

  • make-up
  • setting
  • music
  • wardrobe
  • props
  • lines omitted or added
  • lighting
  • emotion
    • tone of voice
    • facial expression
    • body language

These are the ones we watched in class BUT there are many more. Do a search and see which ones resonate the most with you.

Macbeth (1971) Roman Polanski’s film

Macbeth (1978) Stage

Macbeth (2010) Film

I LOVE this kid! What do you think about this one?

Compare and Contrast – R&J – The Balcony Scene

Romeo and Juliet is Timeless! There have been many adaptations of Shakespeare’s canonical love story. In this media comparison, and accompanying blog post, you will compare and contrast 3 versions (maybe 4 – if you choose to include discussion of the 2013 version) of the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet: the original text (in graphic novel form), the 1968 and 1996 movie versions.

Write a blog post discussing these versions of the balcony scene – compare and contrast the material.

Use this Venn Diagram to plan your thoughts – 11 x 17 paper is available on the front desk for you to use.

RJ - Compare & Contrast


In regards to the 2013 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, movie reviewer, Susan Wloszczyna, writes, “The balcony scene takes a tumble. This is the movie’s greatest disappointment. Really, if you can’t get this right, then why even do Romeo and Juliet? Steinfeld and Booth both struggle with Shakespeare’s poetic rhythms. Give them points for even remembering the lines. Meanwhile, the soundtrack with its tooting flutes and twittering violins undercuts every verse. As for the fake vine that Romeo climbs upon—in addition to the faux rose seen previously—they look as if they were plucked from a bargain bin at a Michaels arts and crafts store.” (

What do you think? How would you respond to Ms.  Wloszczyna? Add as an extension to your Venn diagram and include your analysis in your blog post.


Write Juliet’s or Romeo’s diary entry after the balcony scene (in a separate post).


Whereas I don’t want you to consider this an “essay” per se, I want you to consider this blog post within the following format. Compare and contrast post / essays are not easy as there are many structures you can consider and explore. Try this one and focus on three components to discuss ONLY.

Download (PDF, 177KB)

Choose 2-3 things to compare / contrast in your blog post.