Life of Pi: Culminating Task (The Lost Chapter)

Your culminating task for the Life of Pi unit, and the course itself, is to write a lost chapter for the novel. Is there a spot in the novel that you felt needed more explanation or development? Can you imagine a sub-adventure for Pi while he is out floating on the ocean with his unlikely colleague, Richard Parker? Is there an island, event, natural phenomenon, or individual (s) Pi may have encountered that Yann Martel left out of his story?

Your Task

  1. Write a lost chapter for the novel (information below in the assignment handout: 3-4 pages in length)
  2. Record an oral reading of your chapter with appropriate sound effects and authentic emotion / intonation
  3. Write a script and conduct an interview with Yann Martel where you talk with him about the upcoming release of the Life of Pi: Deluxe Edition that will include a lost chapter (the one you wrote). In this interview, you will ask Yann Martel why he excluded this chapter in the original release, why he is releasing it now, and what readers can expect from this addition without giving it away. (Ultimately, this is your reflection as to why you wrote this chapter, what your inspiration was, and what you believe it adds to the story – the only twist is that you are offering it up as Yann Martel) Your script should follow this formatL¬† – read it – it’s an interview with Yann Martel. It will help you with the way he talks and what he may say / include in his interview with you.

Lost Chapter (Written): 50 Marks
Oral Performance (Podcast): 40 Marks
Interview (Podcast or Video): 40 Marks
TOTAL: 130 Marks

*NOTE: You DO NOT have two options for this assignment as listed on the handout below. You must complete all elements as outlined above!

All elements are to be uploaded to your blog as one post.

Download (PDF, 76KB)

Download (PDF, 94KB)