Setting the Stage – Romeo and Juliet to Act IV – Which Film?

Starting next week you will be presenting scenes from Acts IV and V of Romeo and Juliet in your groups. To set the stage for those performances we will watch up until the end of Act III tomorrow. Which film we watch is up to you. Which one are you liking the best so far? Select your choice below.

Oral Presentation Preparation – Macbeth Film Act I

Today we discussed how to be successful in your oral presentations tomorrow. Don’t forget to follow the rubric and the tips we discussed today:

  • Make eye contact with the class as you speak
  • Be aware of your “ums”, “Ahs”, “likes” and “You Knows”. Limit these as much as possible. Here are some tips –>
  • Be prepared – plan what you are going to say
  • Provide examples and more in-depth analysis – don’t just scrape the surface
  • Be confident – your body language is important
  • Sell us your book – why do we need to read it?
  • Ask us questions to determine our understanding

We watched Roman Polanski’s Macbeth up until the point where Lady Macbeth reads macbeth’s letter and Duncan announces that Malcolm is now the heir to the throne. We will finish this after the oral presentations tomorrow.