OSSLT News Report Support Documents

Hi, Everyone!

I was looking for some support material tonight to help you with the News Report. I found this great document created in the Halton District School Board. It outlines some good points for your consideration and offers some samples with corresponding scores and explanation to help you assess your work this week. Let me know if you find these helpful.

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This one from Peel is good, too!

Download (PDF, 465KB)

Romeo and Juliet Act I News Report

To sum up Act I of Romeo and Juliet, and to ensure you are ready for this year’s literacy test, you will be writing a news report on one of four key events in the play thus far. Choose from the following:

Man Warned After Thumb Biting Incident

Sampson bites his thumb at Abram and his servant


Download (PDF, 1.11MB)

Prince Reminds Citizens to Refrain from Public Violence

RJ - Angry Prince

Download (PDF, 730KB)

Prince’s Army Seeks Information on Wandering Weeper

Man Running in the Woods

Download (PDF, 2.91MB)

Capulet Enemy Caught Stealing Kiss

Romeo Steals a Kiss


Download (PDF, 413KB)

To be successful:

  • Follow the Success Criteria for a Level 4 News Report
  • Self-edit and peer-edit a draft and re-write it for your final copy to be posted to your blog
  • Follow the rubric
  • Follow the framework
  • Meet all of your due dates

Download (PDF, 148KB)

Success Criteria

Download (PDF, 527KB)