R&J Act I Song Analysis


Romeo and Juliet Journal Entry #1:

What is true love?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Is it realistic?

What would you do if you were Romeo or Juliet?

Make connections with the music videos below regarding the ‘Power of Love.”

Which song do you feel best represents the theme of love in Romeo and Juliet? Be specific with references to the lyrics, evidence from the text (quotations and line numbers, please), and the imagery presented in the video.

Romeo and Juliet Song Analysis – Journal Writing

  • Refer to the post: R&J Act 1 Song Analysis
  • Watch the two music videos and follow along with the provided lyrics.
  • Complete Journal Entry #2 – Be sure to use specific lyrics from the song and lines from the play to substantiate your answer!
  • Start Inquiry questions that were to have been assigned to you this past Monday while I was ill
  • Work period tomorrow to finish these up