Writing for a Specific Audiences

Literary Terms Diagnostic
Assignment: Literary Terms assignment – DUE Monday

Text: Communicate

  • Read pages 57­-58 ­ discuss & make notes on “purpose”, “audience”, and “form”.
  • Read page 62 ­ make note on “tone” and complete sample together as a class.
  • Read page 79 ­ make note on tone in different types of sentences with examples of “statements”, “exclamations”, “questions”, and “commands”.

Homework: Two multiple worksheets ­ one on “Tone” and one on “Purpose”.

Key Elements of Successful Blog Posts

Your first diagnostic writing assignment for me is also going to be your first blog post on your brand spanking new personal blog. Remember, your blog is your personal learning portfolio where you will reflect upon your learning and share items of interest to you as well. You now have a forum in which to engage others in conversation, provoke thought, and collaborate in ways never before possible. Your blog will be continually assessed by me, you, and your peers throughout the semester and will not be evaluated or assigned a grade until the end of the course. It is a dynamic, living, learning document that you will continually refer to, revise, and reflect upon. Here are some tips to get you started: